कर्मताराको चाहाना आफ्ना सदस्यहरुको आर्थिक, सामाजिक र साँस्कृतिक  समृद्धिको कामना

About Us

Karmatara Agro Trade is a public limited company that started its operation on 5th July 2012. The company was established with the objective to commit sustainable agriculture by initiating agro farms implementing advanced and sophisticated agricultural practices. Karmatara Agro Trade was started with the total capital of Rs 20,000,000 (Twenty Million) and paid up capital Rs 19,000,000 (Nineteen Million). The company office is centrally located at the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu, Koteshor Ward No. 35.

Presently the company has 2000 farmers in its member list which is expected to grow even more in future. Furthermore Karmatara Agro Trade Ltd  is planning to establish district branches in different districts.

Major Objective

  • Carry out agricultural commodities and tools based business in collaboration with individuals, farmer groups, business companies, cooperatives, financial institutions and the government.
  • Undertake cereals, fruits, vegetables and NTFPs seeds, seedlings and saplings based business like imports and exports in collaboration with individuals, farmer groups, business companies, cooperatives, financial institutions and the government and improve the livelihood conditions of poor rural farming households having supported them in undertaking collective and contract farming systems in agriculture and livestock development sectors.
  • Promote the indigenous knowledge and skills of rural people in commercial promotion and marketing of agricultural tools and equipments and collaborate with them for market promotion.
  • Involve in imports and exports of agricultural tools and equipments, improved seeds, fertilizers, cereals, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural and livestock based commodities in local, national and international markets.
  • Involve in processing and marketing of agricultural tools, high value seeds, livestock animals, fertilizers, cereals, fruits, and vegetables, NTFPs in local, national and international markets.
  • Establish and operate agricultural and livestock firms, factories, collection centers, rustic stores and departmental stores in the country.
  • Provide consulting services on industrialization and commercialization of agriculture and livestock sectors.
  • Carry out research studies on agricultural technology generation and dissemination, publish books, articles, journals and others in agriculture sector, establish and operate agriculture based schools, college and universities in the country.
  • Participate and involve  in agriculture based agriculture development firms, trainings, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions and also organize such trainings, workshops, seminars, exhibitions at local , national and international levels.

Affiliated Organization

Karmatara Agro Trade has affiliation with the given below organizations

  •   Nepal Chamber of Commerce
  •  Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Supporting Bank

Rastriya Banijya Bank





Karmatara Organization
Koteshwor-35, Kathmandu
Ph: 01-4602268
Email: ratanchura@hotmail.com


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